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Currently working on updating my site so excuse appearances (and long, frequent absences) posts and layout coming soon! Check me out on instagram in the meantime @peaceofcakebakes


Dorie Greenspan’s Whoopie Pies

First of all, massive apologies for the LONG hiatus. I've been busy, I guess. It's not like I haven't baked anything, or taken photos. I recently downloaded all of the photos on my memory card and I have like 4 posts worth of that will happen soon. I have a break coming up in February... Continue Reading →

Not-So-Sticky Toffee Pudding

This recipe from Not Without Salt reminds me of sticky toffee pudding (even though it's really a date cake with salted toffee sauce), my absolute FAVORITE dessert that I had a lot while abroad in Scotland. It's one of my go-to loaf cake recipes, because it has the most wonderful salty caramel and the dates... Continue Reading →

Salted Caramel Apple Tart

This past weekend I fully gave in to my love of all things fall: hot apple cider, apples, tea, leaves, sweaters, scarves, farmers markets, and pumpkin (but not the ultimate fall cliche: pumpkin spice lattes). I spent the weekend back in Ithaca, and it was glorious. I made pumpkin waffles, spent some time out in nature, went... Continue Reading →

Bread Adventures: Olive Oil Challah

I have an irrational fear of baking breads, but finally I feel as though I have achieved bread success!! This challah was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision, but it came out really well. I already have plans for it: french toast!! I mostly drew my inspiration from this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, but also consulted... Continue Reading →

Lemon Bar Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of those things that can basically be made in any flavor combination. When I was trying to decide what kind to make, I was grappling between tiramisu cheesecake, chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and this one. Ultimately, I chose the lemon bar cheesecake because of how summery it is. The ricotta in the cheesecake filling makes... Continue Reading →

Weeknight Meals: Black Bean Burgers

Finally, a post that isn't 100% about dessert. This is hard for me to do, because baking things that aren't good for you seems to be something at which I excel. I was inspired by this food52 article on how to create your own veggie burgers without using a recipe. The first logical step to creating... Continue Reading →

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